I grew up in North Eastern PA farm country in a tiny village with a family of extreme "Do it yourselfers". If it was broken we fixed it, if we didn't have it, we made it. I was tinkering in the garage and swinging a hammer before I could write. My dad and I even built my first bicycle from parts found at our local Land Fill. 
  My last 3 years of High School was spent in a Vo-Tech Trades School learning Plumbing and Heating. When I turned 18 I joined the US Navy Seabees to become a Steel Worker, which was right down my alley since I first learned to weld at age 12. 

  The Seabees are the construction force of the Navy and also have a motto of  "Can Do !" During my career I learned and mastered countless repair skills from all the construction trades. 

  For the last 6 years of my career I was a Certified Instructor. I was sent all over the US teaching Safety and Environmental Courses. I also wrote several courses that are still being taught today. I also completed a year of Computer Science at Grantham University.

  For 12 years I enjoyed doing handyman work on the weekends for friends and neighbors, while still on active duty. After serving my 20 years and receiving an honerable discharge, I started my own full time business 9 years ago.  Fixing broken stuff, making old objects like new again and teaching others is in my blood, my passion in life and my labor of love. 

  I recently completed my BA through the University of La Verne.
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   My "Shaddow Box" for 20 yrs. Active Duty